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The draw for the three 2017 Club Tournaments is as follows

All Group matches must be played by July 31st

Verulam  26 point Handicap Full Lawn

Group A                                     Group B


Stuart Stafford                           Andrew Apps

Jon Palin                                    Geoff Morrison

Chris Frost                                 David Kitson

Heather Bennett                        Roger Bowman

Winner Chris Frost, Runner-up Andrew Apps 

David Kitson  18 point Handicap Full Lawn

Group A                                     Group B

Sarah Connor                             Derek Lambert

David Kitson                                Andrew Apps

Heather Bennett                         Roger Bowman

Stuart Stafford                            Geoff Morrison

Winner Heather Bennett, Runner-up Roger Bowman

Terry Mahoney  14 point Handicap Half Lawn

Group A                                      Group B

Stuart Stafford                             Barbara Maggs

Leo Maggs                                  Geoff Morrison

Derek Lambert                             Vicki Brown

Vanessa Browell                           Susan Everest

Sarah Connor                               Ranjit Yogendra

Winner Geoffrey Morrison, Runner-up Sarah Connor

SPEED DOUBLES    Saturday 23rd September

13 members took part in a total of 6 games, each game having 4 players and a timekeeper. One player withdrew on the day due to injury, another left as planned after 2 games, a third left after 2 games due to a family emergency. So the 2 reserve players were called on and a further member turned up and timed one of the games.

The players were divided into blocks of lower and higher handicaps, 5 in each.Teams were devised consisting of one player from each block, rotating partners and opponents where possible between each game.Bisques allotted were the difference in total handicap between the sides. Having 30 minutes playing time per side, 4 teams pegged out within time and all but 2 games were close. One point was awarded for a win, 0 for a loss. As not all the players had the same number of games, points were adjusted pro rata. The winnerof each block was decided by the highest number of adjusted points; in the event of a draw (as occurred), points difference (adjusted was used as the decider. Results were:

High Handicap Block

Chris Huggett 2

Vanessa / Barbara 1.5

Rosemary Leak / Ranjit Yogendrea 1

Low Handicap Block

Roger Bowman 3 (+30)

Geoff Morrison 3 (+9)

Derek Lambert 1.5

Leo Maggs / Richard Barnard 0


The Club is affiliated to the East Anglian Croquet Federation which runs three leagues. We play in the Herts-Beds League which, besides St Albans, includes clubs at Enfield, Letchworth, Meldreth, Northampton, Watford and Wrest Park. Each club plays the other six with the winner playing the winners of the other two leagues in the Federation. The winner of that tournament qualifies for the following year's Secretary's Shield, a tournament organised by the Croquet Association for he winners of the different Federations throughout England. All these are played under handicap rules.

In 2016 St Albans won the EACF play-off tournament and are herefore eligible to play in the 2017 Secretary's Shield.

Herts - Beds League 2017

The first match of the season was against Wrest Park on April 27th, a freezing cold day requiring many layers of clothing and hats and gloves. The team was Chris Frost, Roger Bowman, Geoffrey Morrison and Heather Bennett. The result was a 5 - 1 win to Wrest Park with Chris the only player to win a game. Well done Chris! Playing her singles against scratch player Brian Harral, Heather's 4 bisques only managed to get her first ball round and Brian did not agree to request for another 4 to see the other ball round.

The second match was only 2 days later, on Saturday 29th April at home against  Melgrave with much improved weather. Our team was Jon Palin, Adam Kelvey and Heather Bennett. The result was a 2 - 2 draw with Jon winning his singles and Jon and Adam winning their doubles.

The third match, at home to Enfield, was played on Thursday 8th June. The day started bright and sunny but with blustery winds, so the gazebo was firmly fixed with tent pegs. The temperature then dropped, the wind rose and the rain fell and by mid- morning we were huddling inside the gazebo for shelter! The morning matches did not go our way with Heather losing -11 to Tony Elliott and Roger and Geoffrey losing -7 to Ken Pickett and Michael Broadway. In the afternoon Roger lost by -7 to Michael Broadway but Heather and Geoffrey manged a convincing win +16 against Ken Pickett and Tony Elliott. The final result was therefore     3 - 1 to Enfield.

The fourth match, away to Watford was lost 5 - 1. Geoff and Chris won a tight doubles in the morning while Heather and Andrew narrowly lost. In the afternoon we lost all four but most matches were tight. Geoff had the misfortune to lose on his opponent's final turn, having never been behind until then.

Secretary's Shield  2017
Our first round match was against Chester, played on the Nottingham Club's lawns on July 23rd. The match was lost 5-2. All three morning matches were lost. Geoff was ahead for a long time but his opponent overtook him in the last 30 minutes. Chris made a break of 8 hoops but broke down on 3 back, handing his 4 ball break over to their better player who went round himself from hoop 3 and we never got back in. In the afternoon Jon and Roger both won but Chris managed to throw away a tight match in the last five minutes.