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TBC - B&H league vs Northants

28th Jul - GC 'Fun Doubles'

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Welcome to St Albans Croquet Club

Croquet has been played in Clarence Park since 1979. You might have tried it in the back garden but our club is one of more than 200 throughout the country which are affiliated to the Croquet England (see below for more info).  Far from being the vicious game of myth in which one hits one's opponents ball into the shrubbery croquet is a challenging and intriguing sport requiring tactical ability, judgement and skill rather than strength and fast reflexes. It is therefore ideal for players of all ages, whether male or female. A handicapping system allows players of different standards to compete against each other.

Whether you are an experienced player or a beginner (or someone in between) you will be welcome as a new member of St Albans Croquet Club. To join phone the Secretary Heather Bennett on 01727 822252 or contact us on via our facebook page.

Our lawn is part of the sports complex in Clarence Park and is available to members during the season from March to early October when the Park is open from early in the day to dusk although the lawn should be booked using the lawn booking system.

A beginners course is usually held each year. See Calendar.

The Club plays handicapped matches against neighbouring clubs in the Herts-Beds League. 

The only equipment you need is a pair of flat soled shoes. The Club provides the rest.

About Croquet

Croquet at it's most basic is a sport played on grass using six hoops, four balls and two mallets. It's a mix of snooker and chess, but on grass. The winner is the side that can get both their balls through the hoops before the other. It is a game of skill and strategy, with precision and touch as important as hitting that long shot across the lawn.

There are two main versions Association Croquet and Golf Croquet.  At St Albans we mainly play Association Croquet.  In Association Croquet players make 'breaks' just like in snooker. Only one player/side is on the lawn at a time. In Golf Croquet, each player takes it in turns to play a single stroke. Played by the top players it is very competitive and challenging but at club level it is easy to learn and pick up the basics.

For more information on how to play please look at the RESOURCES page.

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