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Club Tournaments
In 2024 we are running the following all season club competitions:

All competitions are played using handicaps.  In AC the higher handicap player will receive bisques (free goes) and in GC the higher handicap player will need to run less hoops.

We also run the following one day competitions:

Verulam Cup (26 point AC) - Holder Mike Hann

In a 26 point game, a player scores points for running hoops and hitting the peg.  For each ball there are 12 points for taking the ball through the six hoops twice and an additional point for hitting the peg (pegging out - the 13th point). In total there are 2 x 13 points i.e. 26 points.

There are two blocks, the winner of each block will play in the final.


Kitson Cup (18 point AC) - Holder Stephen Mills
In an 18 point game, after the first ball goes through hoop 1, the clip for the second ball is moved to hoop 9 (3 back).  The first ball goes through 12 hoops (i.e. twice through each of the 6 hoops), the second ball goes through 4 hoops (hoops 9, 10, 11 and 12).  So 16 points can be gained for going through hoops and then a additional point for hitting the peg with each of their balls (pegging out). In total there are 12 + 4 + 2x1 = 18 points.

The cup is named after David Kitson.


There is a single block this year so the winner of the block wins the trophy.


Mahoney Shield (14 point AC) - Holder David Levy
This competition is played on a half-lawn (and is limited to players with a handicap above 10 at the start of the season).  Each ball goes through the 6 hoops once (giving 12 points for hoops) and then scores an additional point for each ball hitting the peg (giving a total of 14 points).

The cup is named after Terry Mahoney.
There are two blocks, the winner of each block will play in the final.


Golf Croquet Competition - Holder Stuart Stafford
The game is played on the full lawn.  A point is awarded to the first person to run each hoop with either of their balls.  The game is played as a best-of-13-points game and stops as soon as one player has scored seven points. (If the points are level after running the 12th hoop, the game is decided by contesting hoop three again as the 13th hoop). NB. The peg plays no part in Golf Croquet except as an obstacle and a reminder of colour order. 

For an explanation of the Advantage handicapping system click here or download this document (under the advantage rules it is possible to play more than thirteen hoops, in which case hoops 4 and 1 are used for the 14th and 15th hoop respectively).

There is a single block, so the winner of the block wins the competition.  Each match is the best of 3 games.


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