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The web has many resources for croquet players at all level, from starting players to internationals, covering both Association and Golf croquet.  This page contains a number of links to information and videos that players have found useful. 


The Croquet Association's promotional video

Association Croquet introduction (many thanks to Basingstoke Croquet Club for producing these)

Golf Croquet introduction (many thanks to woodmallets.comBasingstoke Croquet Club for producing these)

Useful websites

  • Oxford Croquet - a treasure trove of croquet resources.  Start with 'how to play' (which includes an online copy of 'Plus One on Time' which is a highly recommended book).

  • CroquetDev - a website created by former AC world champion Paddy Chapman which covers croquet at all levels.

Handicapping - there's a guide to handicapping here

Histories of/Introductions to Croquet

One Ball

At St Albans one-ball is normally only played in a charity competition at the start of the season.  Below are:

  • an introduction to One Ball for GC players (but it has a good summary of the rules and a 'demo' game)

  • an introdution to one ball written by the organisor of the national one-ball competition.


An introduction to One-ball

There is also a very good introduction to the game on the Oxford Croquet Web site

If you're interested in how the handicapping one-ball works then click on the link here.

If you find other links that you find useful please let the webmaster know and we will add them to this page.

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