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15th June - more photos from the doubles tournament

One of our new members (Ian Hawkins) is a keen photographer and was taking photos at the ASD Doubles tournament a few weeks ago.  Click here to get to a version of the report with all the photos!

14th April - we appeared in the Times online!

The lawn/introductory course was captured by a drone flown by one of the Times' photographers and appeared in their online Times Sport Unseen gallery today.  It's mainly a football gallery but we're very happy to be featured in it!  The photo is below, and you can read the article (if you have a Times subscription) here.  There is also a link to a PDF of the croquet bit of the page here



7th April - Watering the lawn

Keeping the lawn watered is one of the easiest ways of improving the lawn.  If you're able to help with the watering schedule (even once in the season is helpful!), please let Stephen know.  Details are in an email sent out on the 7th April.

26th Mar - Lawn Open!

The lawn is now open for play and the 2024 Season has started!

A huge thank you to our set-up team of Heather, Stephen, Brian, Keith and Mike who completed the hoop-setting and fence replacement this morning in warm sunshine (a few pictures below)!

The fencing is now too high to step over to retrieve balls, but we are planning to install "ball stoppers" shortly. The west boundary side of the lawn now just has low posts and rope.

There are now leaflet holders in the shed where you can find :

  • rule books,

  • Introductory Course invitation leaflets,

  • car-park CA cards to put on dashboard when you park in the Bowls car-park (please use them, and if there are none left, please let me know),

  • forms for pegging down unfinished games,

  • our new Club Constitution, and other documentation,

  • a copy of the Gazette. 



6th Mar - AC Courses

There are a number of AC (and GC) courses available.  Roger's benefited from a couple of courses at High Wycombe and has suggested the following which are being run by the Chiltern Academy at High Wycombe:

  • 9 Apr Improving your game for intermediate players (AC hcp 6-14) Coach R Allim

  • 19 Mar - Building better breaks (AC hcp 11-18) Coach R Pepperell

  • 20 Apr - Building better breaks (AC hcp 11-18) Coach T Elliott

Details of these courses (and all the Chiltern Academy courses) can be found at

27th Feb - Dates from the AGM

At the AGM (report to follow later) the following dates for competitions and courses were announced:

Further details will come out via e-mail

29th Jan - Website updated to 2024

The website has been updated to 2024, hence there's not a lot of things on this page!  If you want to look at last year's news then you can see it here.  There are a couple of new pages on the website:

  • for a page on handicapping see here; comments to the webmaster would be very welcome.

  • there's an archive of all the articles about the croquet club in the Herts Advertiser here.

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